German language

Collection of books for the German language is used TANGRAM


According to the latest methods and educational standards


YENI HITIT education system includes three titles on three levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced

Since English language is considered as the main language of communication with people, this institute also trains courses in tourism conversation.

As well as specialized language courses for children (visual system) in a series of training courses provided.

Language training courses in Region 1 and Region 3 is another programme of this institute.

Safir Danesh language Academy has educational systems from elementary to advanced levels. In 1380 Safir Danesh was established and an educational group has applied the best educational and practical method. Also in 1382 this academy disposed Tourism Conversation, Computer, Graphic and Family Management and Programming Classes. For computer and graphic students pass specialty units (42.5) then, pass general units in ministry of education so, they can receive a high school diploma.

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